Our Heritage, Our Future ...A Capital Funding Campaign

for Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you are already a monthly contributor to UC and UGST or now making a commitment to our Capital Campaign, "Our Heritage, Our Future," we believe you should know our philosophy of biblical stewardship.

  • God owns it all God has provided us with all of our time, wealth, possessions, abilities and resources. He owns everything. These resources are His gifts to us, which He will use to accomplish wonder things for His Kingdom. (I Chronicles)
  • We are to manage God's resources Since God owns everything, we are called to be managers or stewards of all that God entrusts to them, to honor and glorify Him. (I Pt. 4:10, Lk. 16)
  • Our Giving is to God Giving is a worshipful, obedient act of returning to God from what He has provided. (Philippians 4:17-18)
  • Our Giving is a reflection of where we place our treasure From God’s Kingdom view, our giving becomes a tool to further God’s work on earth. (Lk. 12:34, 1 Tim. 6:17-19)
  • God desires that we give cheerfully While faithful stewardship is our responsibility, God desires that our giving would come from a heart motivated by joy. Our desire is to encourage people in their journey of stewardship, that they might discover or continue in the joy of giving. (2 Corinthians 9:7)
Our Commitment to You
As we develop relationships with you we will:
  • Rely on Scripture to guide our fundraising practices
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit to prompt hearts to give
  • View giving as an act of obedient worship to God
  • Invest time in building Kingdom relationships
  • Work with integrity in all we say and do
  • Listen to the hearts of our donors
  • Join together in prayer as partners in ministry
  • Value every gift, regardless of size
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with those in partnership with us
  • Vow to be effective stewards of the gifts entrusted to us by our ministry partners
  • Seek and value accountability