Help us build a stronger UC & UGST

As UC & UGST’s student population continues to grow – so too have the physical needs of our historic buildings located on 22 acres.

For over fifteen years you have faithfully supported UC & UGST, enabling repairs on our five historic buildings to enhance the learning environment for our study body. Thank you!

However, after an assessment of our capital needs by our President and Board of Directors and following prayerful consideration the board made a decision to move forward with a capital campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to restore all five historical buildings and expand our educational facilities to meet our Apostolic world wide goals for the next 25 years.

Our capital campaign will enable us to build additional classrooms, upgrade the dorms, kitchen, cafeteria and chapel, and expand our parking facilities and make our campus handicap accessible.

With the completion of this ambitious capital project, our two schools will be more equipped than ever to educate students who will impact the world for Christ.